2011 HCBA Annual Report

HCBA President’s Report for 2011 Congratulations to players, volunteers, supporters, family and caregivers, once again the quality of the program exceeded previous years, we just keep getting better.  Our #1 priority, “friendships and positive interaction between players, volunteers and spectators” was very evident this year.  Anyone who visited the park on Monday or Tuesday evenings this summer was witness to the good times on the diamond, in the dugouts and before and after games.  In addition, coaches and volunteers are supplying water and treats, organizing trips to the Dairy Queen or Pizza, Wings and Fries at a local Bistro. So, what’s next?  There’s always challenges;
  • First and most important, I think one of the hardest things will be to maintain the high standards and program quality that we have reached, we need to keep working hard at that.
  • We have been growing at a pace that we can handle without getting overwhelmed, however, we are starting to “bulge at the seams” and will soon be in need of at least one more diamond, additional equipment storage and will also need to continue to attract and keep talented and caring volunteers.
  • We expect the city will complete installation of electricity to our Batting Cage and Storage unit.  This will allow teams to take time off from competition and focus on development of skills.
  • We are taking steps to provide long term stability in leadership.
Three significant accomplishments in 2011;
  • The HCBA board took the lead in organizing a one day Sports Governance Training workshop for sports associations in the city.
  • We have a web-based training module to improve access to the annual volunteer training program.
  • We are taking a lead role in development of Hamilton’s brand new Accessible Sports Council and in setting up Facilitated Business Planning sessions for the Council
I wish I knew the words to properly express admiration and gratitude to;
  • The players, you are an inspiration to the volunteers and supporters
  • Volunteers, you are the engine that makes it all work so well
  • Sponsors and Supporters, you continue to be extremely generous
  • The Hamilton Thunderbirds for their generosity to players and their families and for running a skills training camp for our players
  • The City of Hamilton, Sports and Rec and Councilor Scott Duvall
  • MPP Monique Taylor
  • Thanks also to Colleen Butler and HCBA Executive for their immeasurable contributions. They are gifted and hard working leaders.
As we look to the future, it is imperative that we stay focused on our values and continue to ensure that we don’t forget that our overriding purpose of our program is for the enjoyment of the players and, for the most part, is about fun and friendships.  See you on Opening Day…   Mike Moore Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association   Vice –President Annual Report 2012 First off I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Vice-President.  I am hoping that my contributions have been for the betterment of Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association. Every season is not without its challenges and successes and reflecting on the past year it was definitely a success.   All you need to do is look at the smiling faces at Inch Park any Monday or Tuesday evening.  This is what is important and these are the smiles we work for. This year the batting cage at Inch Park was renovated to help keep vandals out.   Maximum Fence modified the existing 2 large gate swings and put in a new single gate.   This should keep the swing secure.  The Carpenters Union made modification to our storage shed to allow easy storage and access.   The new shade shelter became another place for people to meet or hang out before or after their game. Although I will not be returning to the HCBA Board for another term I will always look back on the fond memories I have and the wonderful people I got to work and play with.  The special friendships made and I hope that maybe I left the HCBA just a little better off. In closing I would like to thank all my fellow Board members for their team work and enthusiasm, and all our volunteers, without them our league wouldn’t be the success it is.   Colleen Butler Vice-President HCBA   2011 Registration Report What a season we had on the baseball field.  Once again, the 2011 baseball season was a great success.  The weather cooperated, everyone had lots of fun, and we had some more new players join our wonderful organization. Our new policy of “you must pay before you can play” worked extremely well this season.  No player was allowed to start the baseball season unless we received their registration AND their payment in full (with some exceptions  ie. Private funding, Challenger Charlie).  Uniforms were not given out to any player that had not paid in full as well.  This worked so well, we are going by the same rules once again. We kept the registration fee at $100 this year, if the player paid IN FULL by the AGM.  After that date, it increased to $115 ($15 late fee).  This worked as well, as we saw most players registering early, which made the ordering of uniforms much more organized.  Any NEW player joining through the season paid only $100, and we will keep this policy for the 2012 season as well. Thanks to all fellow board members and volunteers that helped organize the “stuffing”  and distribution of the uniforms.  Once again, you were a big help. And finally, thanks to all players, parents, friends, volunteers and fellow board members for letting me fill this position.  I have been in this position for at least 8 years, and have truly enjoyed every moment of it. Hope to see everyone on the baseball field very soon!   Sincerely, Joanne Kisel HCBA Registration Co-Ordinator   2011 HCBA Volunteer Report With another successful year of baseball under our belts we are looking forward to our 2012 season. 2011 was another amazing year for the HCBA and it’s members as we continued to grow our baseball program. It has been my pleasure to sit on the board and work with all of our volunteers. Our program would not run without all of the time and dedication our volunteers put forth and we are so grateful to have so many people involved with the program. All of the volunteer support helps to make a difference in so many lives and for this we are so thankful. Our annual volunteer appreciation day was a great success. Many volunteers met at the Mountain lanes bowling ally for some friendly bowling and pizza. We had a great time re-capping the year with everyone who attended. I hope to try and have the bowling again this year since it was so much fun so stay tuned! As we do every year, a special volunteer was chosen for the Sherry Coffel award. It is always difficult to choose just one volunteer but last year we decided on the most deserving Joanne Kisel.  Joanne takes care of registration for our league and without her we wouldn’t have our teams so organized! Thank you Joanne for everything you do! It has been another great year of baseball and I am looking forward to some of the changes we have made to improve the program even further. Our volunteer program continues to grow and coming in 2012 we are pleased to introduce the use of our new online training application. Stay tuned for more details! We have made a few changes to the volunteer policy again so please read over the upcoming newsletters for details. New volunteers will still need to attend an orientation session located at Volunteer Hamilton @ 267 King St E. Dates to be announced. Thank you again to all of our volunteers, you are amazing individuals and your contributions are so precious to this league. On behalf of the board and players; Thank you.   Amanda Moore HCBA Volunteer Coordinator   2011 Baseball Operations Review With an abundance of sunshine and excellent weather, the 2011 season ended with only one rainout between the Monday and Tuesday night leagues! The use of the new storage facility and the wagons proved helpful in having our equipment safe and allowing volunteers to get the equipment to the diamonds more easily. At the end of the season, an inventory was taken of the available equipment to document and assess quantities and its condition.  In 2011, HCBA was successful in receiving a generous ArcelorMittal Foundation grant of 2,500$ to be used towards the purchase of helmets and other protective equipment for our players.  This investment in equipment will be made prior to the start of the 2012 season. Special thanks to the umpires and coaches who contributed to a fair and fun season!   Maria Sgambato Baseball Operations   Fundraising Report for 2011 Income: Sponsorships/Donations:....................... $ 14,625.00 Fundraisers:............................................ $   5,620.73 Total Income.......................... $ 20,245.73 Expenses:................................................. $   1,781.80 Net Income: ................................ $ 18,463.93 It has been another great year being part of “the team” to raise funds for the HCBA and I want to thank everyone involved in making this year a success. The generous financial support we receive from our sponsors enables us to provide the quality program offered as well as keep the costs down for each player.   Our sponsors support Challenger Baseball in various capacities:  teams, opening day, special events, equipment, movies and banquet sponsorship as well as our Challenger Charlie program.  Please remember to thank our sponsors for their generous contributions to our league and support them when you can. This year our main fundraiser was a raffle held in August and was well received.   Players were able to earn back their fundraising fee by selling their raffle tickets or keep them and have a chance to win a prize. A special thank you to Richard Lee for his hard work as fundraising co-ordinator over the past season and my sincere appreciation to the “Fundraising Team” for your help, input and always being there whenever and where-ever needed.  Fundraising is an integral part of the HCBA and your support is vital and invaluable.  I’ve enjoyed being part of an executive that works together and supports each other in order to reach the same goal – baseball for everyone!  Thank you all so much!!!   Sincerely, Katie Moore On behalf of “The Fundraising Team” Mike Butler, Karen & Sandi Alexander and Ron & Lois Hall   2011 HCBA SPECIAL EVENTS REPORT Another successful season has drawn to a close.  Opening day brought out a lot of players and their families.  Everyone had a great time and was ready to play some ball. The banquet was a great way to bring everyone together… there was plenty of good food and fun… and a nice way to close off the season. Many great costumes turned out to join us at our Halloween party. The Christmas party had a great turnout. The magician was a nice added touch. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who took the time and attend our Special Events.  It is very rewarding to see many of our players and families come out and enjoy themselves, after so much hard work goes into the planning and organizing of each event. To those who were unable to attend some of our events, you missed a great time. I hope you will consider joining us at future events.  A special thank you goes out to my fellow executive members and volunteers for their help and support as well. Volunteers play a very important role in making things work smoothly. Sincerely,   Jennifer Ferby Special Events Coordinator