2013 HCBA Annual Report

Baseball Operations 2014 Annual meeting

Over the past couple years we have focused on maintaining a high level of in-game experience ensuring our players have had great equipment and protection on the field. We have maintained this commitment through the diligence of our volunteers and the generosity of past donations. In 2013 we began to shift focus on bolstering volunteer commitment to assist with equipment distribution and diamond preparation. While we were able to meet the varied requests for equipment specialization we will continue to focus on building an operations team to assist with such enhancements as sun shades for dugouts, and diamond chalk to mark running pathways. In 2014 baseball operations will continue to develop a relationship with city officials who will hopefully commit resources to projects overdue such as, restoring power to the equipment shed and practice cages. Baseball operations will also continue to seek volunteers eager to assist the league toward improving in–game experiences and are encouraged to contact myself or the volunteer coordinator directly if they would like to help out.

Finally we recognize that volunteers are the backbone of this great organization and a sincere thank you to our many volunteers who coach, pitch, assist and umpire our players. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

Chase Collver Baseball Operations.

2014 Public Relations Coordinator's Report I am looking forward to volunteering for a second season with all the amazing people – players, parents, coaches, and fellow volunteers, this year as I take on the role of PR coordinator. As a team, we can make our organization bigger and better! As the PR coordinator, I am looking to expand our presence in the community, to encourage new players to sign up and to recruit new volunteers. The main way I am looking to do this is to expand our social media presence as well as our visibility in the community. I look forward to working with all of you to get our name out there and expand our HCBA family. The more the merrier! Katie Campanella PR Coordinator   2013 Season HCBA Volunteer Report

Congratulations to the HCBA on yet another great year. As always our baseball season was a great success but we also restarted our winter program. Our trial season ran early in 2013 for only two months but was jam packed with fun while playing indoor soccer and bocce ball. As always we were able to throw our favourite events such as opening day, the banquet and of course our Halloween and Christmas parties. Without our dedicated volunteers none of these events would be possible. We are so lucky to have so many new and returning volunteers year after year which help us to make the HCBA possible! Of course it is our players that make all of our efforts worthwhile! We have such great people involved with our league and we are so grateful for all of the efforts everyone puts forth. With another successful year of baseball under our belts we are looking forward to our 2014 season. This year will be a special one as we begin to plan our 25 year anniversary celebration!

Our annual volunteer appreciation day was another success. Many volunteers met at the Mountain lanes bowling alley for some friendly bowling and pizza. We had a great time and a little friendly competition with the men versus women. It depends who you ask who won the games this year but either way we had a great time re-capping the year with everyone who attended.

As we do every year, a special volunteer was chosen for the Sherry Coffel award. It is always difficult to choose just one volunteer but this year we decided on Sam Borsellino. Sam has been involved with the league for a long time and done so much to contribute to the success of our competitive players. He has set a very high bar for umpires at the Monday night diamond. Thank you Sam for everything you do!

It has been another great year of baseball and I am looking forward to some of the changes we have made to improve the program even further. We are looking forward to getting more use out of our web training application this year. Remember that returning volunteers are able to take the survey online instead of attending the annual training sessions. We will also be making the handbook available online in PDF form to help save on printing costs. Plans are also in the works to start planning our 25th anniversary celebrations so stay tuned for more information to come.

Thank you again to all of our volunteers, you are amazing individuals and your contributions are so precious to this league. On behalf of the board and players; Thank you.

Amanda Moore

HCBA Special Events Report for 2014 Annual Meeting

Wow, can’t believe another season has come and gone already.

The sunshine was shining and a lot of players and family members made it out for opening day.  It was nice to meet all the new players.  Everyone had a blast and was ready to kick off another season of baseball.  

Thanks to Gary Molinaro and the Hamilton Cardinals for a fantastic day that put many smiles on all our players and volunteers faces.

The day kicked off with some warm-ups on the field with the players, followed by an exciting pick-up game. The players were each given a bag full of souvenirs by the Hamilton Cardinals and were given the opportunity to have their items signed by the team. We enjoyed a nice lunch and watched an exciting game, cheering on the Cardinals. Some of our players had the opportunity to join the team on the field for the National anthem and got to throw the first pitch of the game.  Overall a very successful day, can’t wait to do it again soon.

The banquet was an excellent way to bring everyone together...there was plenty of good food, fun and GREAT prizes... and a nice way to close out the season.

It was nice to see many creative costumes at our Halloween party.  Trick or treating was a success again.

Thanks to those who travelled through the snow storm to join us at our Christmas party.  Santa was a hit as always and although Chad was missed, everyone pitched in to help sing some Christmas carols.  

A huge thank you to the Molinaro family for all the support and many donations for all of our events.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time and attended our Special Events. It is very rewarding to see many of our players and families come out and enjoy themselves.  A special thank you goes out to my fellow executive members and the many dedicated volunteers and families for their help and support as well. 

Sincerely, Sabrina DeMartino Special Events Coordinator FUNdraising 2013
Sponsors / Donations


Fundraiser Activities










Net Income 2013

$ 19,132.02

The HCBA FUNdraising Team had another great year!

This success is nothing less than a true team effort and we sincerely thank all those involved in raising funds, collecting prizes, volunteering at fundraising activities, giving advice and support, and all the other little things that allow us to contribute to creating a FUN and great program for HCBA athletes!

We sincerely thank all individuals and corporations that have generously supported HCBA with both financial and in-kind donations. We appreciate our long-standing, loyal supporters who come back each year and encourage HCBA efforts. We also thank all those new supporters whom have taken the time to learn about HCBA and recognize the many benefits of offering sports to everyone.

The contributions we receive from our many sponsors enables us to provide the quality program offered as well as keep costs down for each player. Our sponsors support Challenger Baseball in various capacities: Teams, Opening Day, Special Events, Equipment, Prizes, Food and candy, Banquet sponsorship, as well as our Challenger Charlie program. Please remember to thank our sponsors for being a part of HCBA and support them when you can!

In addition, the success of the 2013 FUNdraising results was the culmination of a variety of activities:

  • An end-of-baseball-season Raffle as our main fundraising activity. As the majority of the raffle prizes were donated by various members of the community, we were able to retain the ticket sales revenue with minimal costs to run the raffle. Each player received 4 tickets with the option to sell them to friends and/or family to recoup their fundraising fee or return the ticket stubs with their own names to test their luck at the draw. Thank-you to all prize donators and to all who purchased and sold tickets!

  • HCBA participated in Hamilton Road 2 Hopefor the second year. Road 2 Hope is a significant fundraising and social event for HCBA. It offers the opportunity for HCBA athletes and persons with disabilities, friends and family to participate in a community sport and charity event. We hope to continue to make this an annual event and build on improving event accessibility and exposure for HCBA.

  • The 2013 annual Banquet prize table was incredible! Every prize was donated by individuals or corporations and the variety made for one of our most successful banquet tables yet!

  • The Hamilton Cardinals and Molinaro family coordinated the donations of a significant amount of candy for both our Halloween and Christmas party!

HCBA supporters come in many shapes and sizes … We appreciate every minute volunteered to FUNdraising for HCBA and every penny donated to bring our sport and social events to everyone! There is no act of kindness that is too small and the collective actions of HCBA supporters have a great impact on bringing together some pretty amazing HCBA events.

We offer our sincere appreciation to the “FUNdraising Team” for all your help, input, enthusiasm and experience and for always being there whenever and wherever needed. Fundraising is an integral part of HCBA and we really could not do it without you! Thank-you!

Sincerely, Maria Sgambato & Katie Moore On behalf of “The FUNdraising Team” Mike Butler, Karen & Sandi Alexander and Ron & Lois Hall, Cathy Watson President’s Report for the 2014 Annual Meeting It’s a struggle to decide what to say that is inspirational and is said with integrity (and I hope isn’t too philosophical). I guess as with all areas of life, we have successes and challenges. We struggle through the challenges and make efforts to find solutions and then we focus on and enjoy the successes. These successes, along with the intuitive knowledge that we are doing something good and that we’re doing a pretty good job at it, is what keeps us going. SO, what are the challenges? These are important issues and we can’t seem to find a solution that will stick
  • Busyness”, why are we all so busy?
  • Volunteers for the behind the scenes support that is needed 12 months of the year
  • Facilities
AND… the successes? This list is a little longer
  • there are a few very good ones, however the biggest highlight to me is our board members
  • we have a whole bunch of dedicated and gifted volunteers
  • and a whole bunch of dedicated and generous community partners, sponsors and supporters
  • walking around Inch Park on a warm evening watching the players hanging out with friends and having a blast playing baseball
  • this one is hard to explain, but I’ll try. It’s a privilege to be a part of such an amazing group and due to my role, I have the added privilege of repeatedly observing so many good actions and activities working together. We are a special group and I think only we will ever be the ones to fully realize it.
2015 will be our 25th Anniversary and the leadership has set aside funds to be used to celebrate this significant milestone. In order to make it an extra special season, we are establishing a committee to develop a plan for the 2015 season. Only with the help of many of you can it be a memorable year. On behalf of our members, thanks to the HCBA board for your immeasurable contributions, you are gifted and hardworking leaders. Unfortunately life gets in the way and four of our leaders need to take a break, I have enjoyed working with each of them and appreciate their years of patience and on-going commitment. Thanks also to each of you that helps to make a difference in the lives of our members. Sincerely; Mike Moore "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it because nothing is perfect. But we are going to relentlessly chase it because in the process we will catch excellence."  Vince Lombardi, former American football coach.