2010 HCBA Annual Report

  HCBA Presidents Report for 2010 In 1991, two people acted on a dream they had for of an accessible baseball program. 20 years later the HCBA is a well established, healthy organization that is fulfilling the vision that started in 1991. It’s inclusive, it’s fun, it’s about friends, accomplishments, it’s a great place to be on a summer evening. I can’t help wondering, what it would be like if…
  • Denise McArthur and Fred Lucibello hadn’t acted on their dream in 1991?
  • Players decided to be “Couch Potatoes” instead of showing up at the park?
  • Volunteers were “Too Busy” to use their skills and abilities to make a difference in their community?
  • Our supporters couldn’t stretch their budgets to “Give Back” financially to their community?
  • OR conversely, what would’ve happened if we dreamed bigger dreams?
Hamilton is on the threshold of an explosion of sports and recreation activities for persons with disabilities. Andy Moore (HCBA Baseball Operations), Denise McArthur (HCBA consultant) and myself have recently had the privilege of participating in organizational meetings for a sports council in Hamilton for people with disabilities (Hamilton Accessible Sports Council – HASC). The council’s goals are;
  • Create awareness of sport for persons with disabilities
  • Unite disability organizations in order to share resources and knowledge and to create a strong voice to advocate for program and service development and accessibility throughout the local community
  • Involve local or regional groups at the municipal level in creating sport opportunities for persons with disabilities
This council is the result of someone’s dream. What it accomplishes over the next 20 years will depend partly on how we respond… I see this as an opportune time to jump on board with the HASC and start dreaming about the future of the HCBA. What do you think our Association will look like in 2031? I’m tempted to end my report here and hope that you start dreaming. However, it would be inappropriate to not express sincere appreciation to our volunteers, sponsors and supporters.
  • Volunteers, you have a lot to be proud of. You are instrumental in providing very high quality events. You selflessly give your time and energy to make a contribution to our community. The fun, sportsmanship, friendships all start with you, keep up the great work.
  • We get amazing financial support from our sponsors and donors. At a recent meeting at City Hall the participants were very impressed at the level of community support that we receive and that the players pay under 40% of the operating expenses of the program.
  • We are fortunate to have a fantastic executive board, including talented young people that are using their skills to make a contribution to their community. They all contribute large amounts of time, are gifted leaders and care deeply about the HCBA and the members. I hope you all are very appreciative of them. They deserve your cooperation and respect.
  • Thanks once again to our outgoing Mayor Fred Eisenberger, Ward 7 Councilor Scott Duvall, Monique Taylor, Greg Maychak and the City of Hamilton for their on-going support.
  • I’d like to thank each of the members that have the confidence in me to allow me to stay in this role for over ten years. It’s a privilege to get to know, have fun with and to work with so many of you.
  • We are very fortunate to have Colleen Butler as Vice President. She does a huge amount of the organizational work, is always available with suggestions and advice when needed and has worked very well with city staff to plan improvements to Inch Park.
As we look to the future, it is imperative that we stay focused on our values and continue to ensure that we don’t forget that our overriding purpose of our program is for the enjoyment of the players and, for the most part, is about fun and friendships. See you on Opening Day… Mike Moore – President, Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association    HCBA Vice-Presidents Report for 2010 First off I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Vice-President. I am hoping that my contributions have been for the betterment of Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association. This past year saw even more changes for Hamilton Challenger Baseball with the continued renovations at Inch Park. We were extremely fortunate that there was a minimal disruption to our program during the renovations, and we are grateful to the city and Councillor Scott Duvall for working so closely with us to ensure this. I am hoping that everyone appreciates and enjoys the addition of the storage shed and the shade shelter that has been added in the park. The extra storage will now provide us with long needed office space. I would like to thank all the new volunteers who have decided to step forward and contribute to our program. As we continue to grow it is imperative that we continue to recruit new volunteers to ensure the stability and passion for our league continues. In closing I would like to thank all my fellow executive members for their enthusiasm and common sense approach. You are a great team and I feel fortunate to work along side you. Thank you Colleen Butler - Vice President, Hamilton Challenger Baseball    HCBA Volunteer Coordinators Report for 2010 With another successful year of baseball under our belts we are only looking forward to our 2011 season. 2010 was a special year for the HCBA and it’s members as we celebrated our 20th season. We enjoyed working with the Thunderbirds to make this milestone a special one for the HCBA. It has been my pleasure to sit on the board and work with all of our volunteers. Our program would not run without all of the time and dedication our volunteers put forth and we are so grateful to have so many people involved with the program. All of the volunteer support helps to make a difference in so many lives and for this we are so thankful. Our second annual volunteer appreciation day was a success. Many volunteers met at the Mountain lanes bowling ally for some friendly bowling and pizza. We had a great time re-capping the year with everyone who attended. I hope to try and have the bowling again this year since it was so much fun! As we do every year, a special volunteer was chosen for the Sherry Coffel award. It is always difficult to choose just one volunteer but this year we decided on Barb Accommando. It was such a touching presentation during our year end banquet and I think the whole room was in tears after her delightful acceptance speech. Thank you Barb for everything you do! It has been another great year of baseball and I am looking forward to some of the changes we have made to improve the program even further. We now have our own storage shed for our equipment and new equipment for our players. There have been a few policy changes for all volunteers to be aware of so please make plans to attend one of the annual volunteer orientation sessions located at Volunteer Hamilton @ 267 King St E. The sessions will be held April 5th from 730-830pm, April 9th from 1030-1130am and April 16th from 1030-1130am. See you there! Thank you again to all of our volunteers, you are amazing individuals and your contributions are so precious to this league. On behalf of the board and players, Thank You! Amanda Moore - Volunteer Coordinator, Hamilton Challenger Baseball   HCBA Public Relations Coordinators Report for 2010 In July of 2010 when I moved back to Hamilton, one of the first places I went was to Inch Park to volunteer my services to the HCBA. It had been my wish since I left, to one day get back to coaching this unique group again so perhaps a little drunk in the euphoria in my return, I also volunteered to take over the PR Coordinator post (I think.) In the time since I have taken over as the pr coordinator, it has been my pleasure to work on a number of events and projects with the aim of improving the association’s visibility in the community through some traditional and non-traditional means. After tackling the HCBA pr coordinator hazing process of an association newsletter successfully, I then set my sights on a new project, Lunch with Fergie Jenkins, which gave us an opportunity to not only promote our cause and have some fun but, we also collected a donation or two along the way. During this whole time, I met with our new web host and web designer and between us, we have successfully launched the new and improved HCBA webpage which, should greatly enhance our interaction with members and the community. In December, we added an HCBA page to the social networking site Facebook which also gives us a greater community profile and another avenue to interact with existing and potential members. The newsletter has been given a name which, was long overdue after twenty years. Members can expect to see five or six editions a year of The Challenger Chronicle. We are also working to try and reduce costs and save paper by asking all association members who receive the newsletter, to switch to an email version wherever possible. And there is also a small project that we are working on with Ability Films to create some buzz for us as we approach Opening Day 2011. I'll admit that I'm as green as the grass when it comes to this position but, with the help and support of fellow members of the association and the board, I am quickly adjusting to my new role and I believe there are some great possibilities for us to explore as we grow. I'm very proud of the people here in the association as a group for what they do and I am honoured to have the chance to meet you all in the coming year as the associations PR Coordinator so that together we can build on our successes and make a brighter future for us all. Will Reid - PR Coordinator,  Hamilton Challenger Baseball    Stingers Coordinator Report for 2010 Last season we shutdown the Stingers program so we could restructure and revamp the program. We have now selected a team consisting of 15 players. We have brought in Sam Borsellino, Trevor Butler and Will Reid as the new coaches. Along with myself and Andy Moore as the Managers, we have also added Cam Robertson to help out. The Hamilton Thunderbirds have expressed an interest in our program and we look forward to the benefit of  their wealth of baseball experience. Our tournament this year is tentatively scheduled for Saturday July 16th 2011 at Inch Park. We look forward to a great season on the diamond and are hoping to bring our Trophy back to Hamilton. Mike Butler - Stinger Division Coordinator    HCBA 2010 Registration Coordinators Report Once again the 2010 baseball season was a great success. Registration went smoothly, and a lot more players took advantage of the earlybird payment of $100 before the end of February, as the price for returning players increases to $115. For all NEW players, the price remains at $100. Opening Day saw a few more new players coming to join our great organization. Remember, the more players the better, so tell all your friends about us. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped hand out the uniforms on Opening Day. It’s a lot of work and many hands are needed. Our new policy for 2010 was that no uniform would be handed out unless the players registration had been paid in full. The player could still play, but with no uniform. This went quite well, however, a few players still managed to get their uniforms WITHOUT paying somehow. We will once again implement this rule for the 2011 season, but with one change --- if registration is not paid in full, the player will NOT be able to play. Some exceptions will be made: if you are paying in installments; an outside source is paying and I have confirmation that the cheque is on the way. The new supplier we used for the uniform shirts in 2010 did a great job. The shirts were nice and light, comfortable, and perfect for the weather we had last season. We are using the same supplier this year, so expect the same great shirts, but remember, to get a shirt, you must register and pay first. Thank you to all players, parents, friends, volunteers, and fellow board members for making this position a great one to have, and I look forward to fulfilling this position for another year, and hopefully many more down the road. Hope to see you all this season on the baseball field. Joanne Kissel - HCBA Registration Coordinator    HCBA Fundraising Report for 2010 Income: Sponsors/Donators for 2010 season: $11,490.00 Fundraisers for 2010 season                   $5,621.00 Total Income:                                         $17,111.00 Expenses:                                                        $2,963.00 Net Income:                                             $14,148.00 It has been another great year working together to raise funds for the HCBA and I want to thank everyone involved in making this year a success. The generous financial support we receive from our sponsors enables us to provide a quality offered as well as keep costs down for each player. Our sponsors support the HCBA in various capacities: teams, opening day, special events, equipment, movies and banquet sponsorship as well as our Challenger Charlie program. Please remember to thank our sponsors for their generous contributions to our league and support them when you can. This year our main fundraiser was the 2011 calendar featuring HCBA’s own star players and was well received. What a great idea!! We still have some left so if you missed out on getting one, please see one of the fundraisers. I also want to express sincere appreciation to the “Fundraising team” – you are all exceptional and your help and input as well as the countless hours you have put in to help out is greatly appreciated. I can always count on you!! Fundraising is an integral part of the HCBA and your support is invaluable. I always look forward to the fun and teamwork when we get together. Thank you so much!! Katie Moore - HCBA Fundraising Coordinator On behalf of “The Fundraising Team” Mike Butler, Karen & Sandi Alexander and Ron & Lois Hall    Baseball Operations Review for 2010 There was a lot to be done early this past season. All equipment was taken to be cleaned, than it was redistributed evenly amongst the leagues 13 teams. We have a newly constructed storage facility which we will utilize in the upcoming season. Due to a generous donation we were able to purchase a number of new helmets and few other pieces of equipment for our players. A schedule was submitted to the city for approval of diamond rentals. Team lists and a schedule was compiled and distributed to the appropriate coaches. We only had a couple of rainouts so let’s hope for sunshine every Monday and Tuesday for the summer of 2010 Andrew Moore - HCBA Baseball Operations    HCBA 2010 Special Events Report Another successful season has drawn to a close. Opening day brought out a lot of players and their families. Everyone had a great time and was ready to play some ball! The banquet was a great way to bring everyone together … there was plenty of good food and fun … and a nice way to close off the season. The Christmas party had a great turnout. It was unfortunate that some had to leave before Santa arrived. Next year we will try to have Santa arrive earlier. Next year, we will be bringing the Halloween Party back. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who took the time and attend our Special Events. It is very rewarding to see many of our players and families come out and enjoy themselves, after so much hard work goes into the planning and organizing of each event. To those who were unable to attend some of our events, you missed a great time. I hope you will consider joining us at future events. A special thank you goes out to my fellow executive members and volunteers for their help and support as well. Volunteers play a very important role in making things work smoothly. Jennifer Ferby - HCBA Special Events Coordinator       

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